Tuesday, December 30, 2014

***TPT Freebie***

Our TPT store is officially up and running! YAYY!! Here is a link to one of our freebies...a to-do list! I know personally I am guilty of writing down little notes on post-its and other small pieces of paper around the classroom and by time the end of the day comes around all of your little notes and reminders are missing. 

This chevron themed to-do list was designed to help keep all of these important little notes in one place. I have a bunch of copies printed out and I keep them on the clipboard that I use each day. I have my guided reading notes, daily plans, and any other important papers for the day attached on the same clipboard. At the end of the day I always know where my to-do list is! This has been a major help for me and I hope that you enjoy it too. Please remember to leave some feedback if you enjoy this product! 

Please make sure to follow our store to get updates on our new products and sales! 

Lisa & Becka 
Sparkling in Self Contained