Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Teaching with Intention- Chapter 2!

Time for chapter 2 of Teaching with Intention!! I am loving this book! This week I am linking up with The Primary GalFlying into First, and Mrs. Daileys Classroom :) 

I will be answering the guiding questions that Mrs. Dailey posted on her blog :) 

So what is the vision that I have for my classroom? I know for me personally I start off each school year with a vision of how I want everything to run and by the end of the first day I feel like I look back and realize almost nothing worked out as planned! In the beginning of the chapter when Debbie Miller states: 

Real life isn't scripted. Neither is real teaching.

This is a statement that truly struck me. I believe this whole heartedly. You cannot script true teaching. It has to come naturally and develop as the lesson develops. You can go into the day with a general idea of the topics that you would like to cover for the day but you cannot script and plan how each lesson is going to be from start to finish. 

I envision my classroom as a place where my students feel welcome and comfortable. I want my students to feel that they can ask questions and make comments about their learning. 

Some of my classroom beliefs are similar to the ones mentioned by Debbie Miller. I want to have a classroom environment that is inviting and that promotes student learning.  I agree with Debbie Miller that everything that we say and do influences our students.  I believe that all students have the ability to learn and that each student should be taught in a way that makes learning fun and easy for them. I differentiate every minute of my day so that each of my students can succeed in their own way. 

I am excited to hop on over to other blogs and read about other teachers classroom visions and their beliefs :) 

Thanks for reading! 

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