Tuesday, January 13, 2015


How many of you have iPads or tablets in your classroom? My class was very lucky to have received THREE, yes you read that right, THREE iPads that are just for our class! Yay! We have a school set but it has to be shared between every class in the building so having our own makes it easier to ensure that my students will get time on them each day. I am also able to download apps that are appropriate for my students :) 

 These are a few apps that my students really enjoy using: 

This app is great for helping student to create stories and use their imagination! My students enjoy the fact that they get to pick everything from the setting, characters, and even the music that will go along with their story line.  This was a very easy app for my students to learn how to manage on their own! 

Splash Math is a fun interactive math game! The math questions in this app cover a wide variety of topics that are taught in the common core. Math Splash is available in different grade levels which is awesome for my multi grade class! 

I have a list of apps that I give out to my parents at back to school night so that they can download some of these apps if they are able to at home. I will post the list either later on tonight or tomorrow. It has a list of every app that is on our classroom iPads! 

What are some of your favorite classroom apps? 

-Lisa & Becka 
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