Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Favorite Things Linky!!!

I have joined up with Teaching Trio again for their February Favorite Things Linky! I was having some trouble deciding what I wanted to focus on this month but decided to focus on my favorite Target Dollar Spot finds! I know I am not the only teacher with a small Target obsession :)  Every time I am at Target the first place I go is the Dollar Spot to see what new items they have that I can use in my classroom. These are three of my favorite finds this year so far..... 

1. I found these great pink and blue cardboard book bins from the dollar spot over the summer. These are great for personal book bins! Each student has their own book bin and inside it has three books on their reading level, their reading stamina graph, a non-fiction response journal, and for some of my students a E-Z Reader! Below are some pictures of the book bins and what is inside :) 

2. My second favorite Target Dollar Spot find is my mini pocket charts! I was so excited when I saw these that I bought 5 of them! I have no clue what to do with the other 4 of them but I use one in my word work center to hang up the students weekly spelling words. What would you use the other mini pocket charts for? 

 3. Dry erase boards and markers! What teacher does not love dry erase markers and boards! I use these all the time. I love these new ones that I recently bought with the lines already on the board! They are great for helping dictate sentences for journals and just helping students practice their letter formation. These items are almost always in the dollar spot and I always find myself buying tow or three each time I visit Target :) You can never have enough dry erase markers or boards right?

Head over to to check out some other great blogs and find out what are some other teachers favorite things in February :) 

-Lisa @Sparkling in Self Contained 


  1. What cool deals you found!
    I will admit I do have an obsession with dry erase boards - LOVE 'EM!!

  2. I love pocket charts! Great find!