Thursday, April 30, 2015

Made it Monday.....(on a Thursday)

I know its Thursday but this was out Made it Monday activity this week.....Our class loves to play with little fidgety toys so our fabulous occupational therapist decided that she would have our students make their own stress balls!!! These are so easy and they are great for the teachers students to keep at their desk to use throughout the day. Here is how we made them: 

-water bottle (top half)
-play dough

This is so simple I promise :)
cup the top of the water bottle so it looks like this: 

next take the balloon and place it over the top of the water bottle

have the students roll small balls or snakes using the play oh and place them into the balloon 

  once the balloon is full of the play doh you can take it off and tie it closed

  now the students can use their stress ball :) 

We are always looking for fun OT activities to do with our students....if you have any suggestions please comment below :) 


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  2. Thank you so much! That is sooooo sweet of you!!!!! I am so excited :)!!!!!!!!!