Saturday, April 4, 2015

Schedule link up!

Hello!! We are linking up with Ashley  and Angie for their #2getherwearebetter monthly link up!

Being a self-contained special ed teacher (in a Title 1 school) my schedule is INSANE!!! No two days are ever the same and there are rare times throughout the week that I actually have my entire class at one time. I teach grades 3-5 and currently have 4 students who are all on different grade and ability levels. My students go our for mainstream specials, some mainstream core classes, OT, PT, speech, and counseling. It is crazy to keep track of everyones schedule. This is what my schedule looks like.......

 (sorry it is sort of cut off on the side I wanted it to be big enough so you could see :/ ) 

Every day I write the schedule on the board more for myself so I don't forget to send the students where they need to go....they are pretty good at reminding me when the time comes for them to leave the room :) Some of my students have their daily schedules on their desk as well as a picture schedule to help them get through their day.

The most challenging part of the schedules is when something has to change. It isn't so much the rescheduling that is the difficult part but talking to the students and getting them prepared for he change that is the tough part. My students know their schedule and they need this type of consistency in their daily lives.

How do you help your students deal with changes in their schedules? I would love to hear some of your ideas! 

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